Sunday, 12 May 2013

Prophets not profits.

Is there such a thing as a prophet in today's times? The neccesity for money has certainly cheapened the image of the spiritual man. Cause and effect.

Religion is no more than a crutch. Nothing wrong with a crutch certainly, but Christianity has hoist itself with it's own petard many decades ago and now anyone with a micron of common sense can surely see it for the corrupt, dangerous corporation that it is.

So yes, there are modern day prophets. Just that the crassness of modern American culture has destroyed any subtlety. But the aim is no different. He who seeks a platform is seeking validation. Now money is validation. In this 'culture' it is a dangerous thing to not be competitive. In a world where everyone is fighting to be someone, if you don't put up a good fight you will be trampled underfoot. The modern day evangelists are (just as they always have) putting up an excellent fight.

All organised religions are a competitive, ugly mockery of humanity. The very idea of organised religion is a destruction of inner freedom.

 Crutches again.

With it comes security but sadly security is an illusion and as we wrap ourselves in warm blankets of religion, shopping, drugs, alcohol, junk food, dieting and whatever other escapes from the present we may seek, our beautiful free spirit is being smothered.

Perhaps with the shift that is coming, the need for such crutches is decreasing. we will all find it difficult to adjust at first but it is unavoidable as we return to our roots whilst moving unequivocally forward that the blankets are cast aside..

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